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Fall 2014

Click on the date for a summary of that week's meeting

Date Presenter Presentation Title
September 8 Carly Schnoebelen Variation theory: a theory of learning and a useful theoretical framework for chemical education research CERP 2013, 14, 9-22
September 15 Sara Johnson Ethnomethodology: Read part of the chapter on ethnomethodology (Chapter 21 especially pages 392-397 and 405-411) from The SAGE Handbook of Visual Research Methods by Margolis & Pauwels (Eds.). The book is available online through Purdue library.
September 22 Nancy Pelaez What are the "conceptual framework" and "theoretical underpinnings" for the Biological Experimental Design Concept Inventory (BEDCI)? (CBE-LSE 13:540-551, 2014 )
September 29 Annwesa Dasgupta What are the "conceptual framework" and "theoretical underpinnings" for the Rubric for Experimental Design [RED]? ( CBE-LSE 13:265-284, 2014 )
October 6 Trevor Anderson, Stephanie Gardner, Nancy Pelaez Aligning the BEDCI and RED to Basic Competencies of Biological Experimentation from the ACED Bio Network
October 20 Yi Kong Development and Validation of a Nano Size and Scale Instrument (NSSI) to be presented at FIE in Madrid, Spain
October 27 Minjung Ryu Language and learning, An Introduction to Discourse Analysis: Theory and Method by James Gee (1999)
November 3 Caleb Trujillo Design-based research: Putting a stake in the ground, The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 13(1), 1-14.
November 10 Stephanie Gardner Rubric for student-generated graphs in biology
November 17 Kamali Sripathi Autoethnography
November 24 Aakanksha Angra Andrea A. diSessa (2004) Metarepresentation: Native Competence and Targets for Instruction, Cognition and Instruction, 22:3, 293-331, DOI: 10.1207/s1532690xci2203_2
December 1 Sarah Wilson, IUPUI Clickers as formative assessment tools in chemistry classrooms
December 8 Selcen Guzey Engineering to Transform the Education of Analysis, Measurement, & Science (EngrTEAMS) project and learning science through STEM integration activities