September 15

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Discussion Summary:

  • Methodological framework can refer to a schematic showing an overview of the research methods as well as the theory behind the methods
  • At what stage in your research do you decide on a framework?
  • Labeling your research within a specific framework too early on can limit you, take time to explore different perspectives and consider how different theories can inform the research
  • Methodological framework must be included in a research proposal to show alignment between theory and methods
  • Ethnomethodology is a framework from sociology that includes multiple different research methods
  • Both indexicality and reflexivity have to do with membership in a group and knowledge associated with that membership
  • Ethnomethodology has similarities to threshold concepts, learning progressions, and expert/novice theories
  • Appropriate research questions that can be answered by ethnomethodology include how people (students) do things, particularly in areas where not much research has been done
  • Ethnomethodology was originally intended for studying social systems, how can it be applied to studying individuals?